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 We have added our 40 year working experience in the cooked meat products industry to making possible the brand Especialidades Lopas in order to offer medium to high quality cooked meat products. We are a dynamic, flexible, and customer oriented company in which our main value is the human team who makes it possible for us to offer to our customers the products they need to carry on their own professional activity. We provide added value to our products offering customized services to each of our customers. We understand our customers' needs and we know what to do to help them. We elaborate our products using first quality raw materials and paying special attention to every detail. We are aware that appropriate packaging, a clear label written in the language of the country that the article is intended for, appropriate management, and the fulfilment of agreements make the brand Especialidades Lopas successful and also form part of the products' quality. This is our understanding and is fully reflected in what we offer to our customers. Our working procedure is based on HAPPCC and our production process is regularly controlled in order to guarantee quality and prevent any deviation. This introduction only touches us on what we have to offer, we would like you to give us the chance to prove it.


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